The rent and maintenance costs of our current school get progressively worse every year. Our current most desperate need is funds to build our new school on the 9 acres of land we already own. In Nepal the government is planning to restrict the functioning of schools which operate out of rented facilities and this increases the urgency to build our own school. The detailed plans are just about complete, (thanks to Aussie Architect Angus Crowe working with Nepali team John Sanday and Associates), and the need to build is desperate.

In a month or two’s time the monsoonal rains will start again and we brace for more damage and repairs we can no longer afford. The safety and welfare of all our students will be seriously impacted.

Our new own school would mean no rent and low maintenance which in turn means we free up much needed funds to educate more within the community and fight human trafficking even more effectively.

The project incorporates not just building a new school from preschool to year 12 but also 15 homes which also means further savings on rent and maintenance and more funds for community education and rehab projects.

This will in time help us be self-sufficient as well as empower more vulnerable women and children with education and the ability to make safe choices.

If you’d like to fund a children’s home, a classroom or a thousand bricks. We’d love to have you partner with us and chat to you via skype or phone. Please email