Our Initiatives

3 Angels Nepal has eight core initiatives to bring our vision to life. Education is vital in every one!

Anti Human Trafficking

Each year, over 20,000 girls are smuggled from Nepal into India, where they are forced to work in the sex industry. We work closely with authorities to stop human traffickers before they cross into India from where it is almost impossible to retrieve the girls. read more

3 Angels Nepal School

Our current school has high rent and growing maintenance costs. We give many of the poorest, at-risk children access to a better education alongside full fee paying community children. We need funds to build the new school on land we now own, be self sufficient, and give even more children a better future. read more

Children’s Homes

In Nepal many at-risk and orphaned children have no safe place to call home but an orphanage is not the answer. We create alternate child care family model homes with “parental’ love and support to vulnerable traumatised children. read more

Women’s Safe Haven

Traffickers selling women and girls for the sex trade in India especially target Nepali communities. The Women’s Safe Haven helps to rehabilitate and restore damaged lives giving healing, hope and opportunities for a better future. read more

3 Angels Radio

3 Angels Community Radio

Our aim is to stop human trafficking altogether and give every child in Nepal an education and the right to a better future. Our Radio programs not only warn of the tactics of traffickers and improve safety for women and children but we also provide health education to remote communities. read more

Microfinance for widow Goat farming

Microfinance Loans

This program provides small loans to needy women enabling them to grow their incomes through such things as seasonal farming and keep their children in school. They also create women’s groups who advocate against violence and trafficking in their communities. read more

Hamro Abhiyan

Hamro Abhiyan

Hamro Abhiyan is a Behavioural Change Communication Tool that teaches human trafficking awareness and safety through an informative and entertaining interactive program to reach 13 to 35 yrs. It is run by 3AN tertiary students who understand firsthand what human trafficking means. read more

Initiatives of Self Sufficiency

Initiatives of Self Sufficiency

Income generation is vital to provide individuals and communities with safe choices and independence. 3AN run a bakery, tailoring school, beauty salon, printing press and safe drinking water provision that provides vocational training as well as help us move closer to self sufficiency. read more

Help 3 Angels educate and fight against Human Trafficking!