Our Partners

Our foreign Partners raise worldwide awareness of the human trafficking problem in Nepal and not only provide donor dollars, but also staff and project support as needed. Each of our Partners roles are different and complementary to one another.


Our Partners are:

Give Freedom Logo

Give Freedom International

Give Freedom’s focus is on infrastructure and capacity building for established NGO’s working in human trafficking hotspots. Give Freedom is working towards The Pokhara Project in partnership with 3 Angels Nepal—a sustainable building project that includes a new school, women’s safe haven, vulnerable children’s homes, a community medical centre and vocational training facilities.

Global Development Group

GDG partners with 3AN to support child and tertiary education and community development against trafficking under Project J959N. Child sponsorships donated to GDG as part of this project contribute to the support of individual children within 3AN’s programs, including education and community work.

GDG also partners with 3AN alongside Captivating Australia Limited for Project J1000N ‘Captivating Nepal – Stop Trafficking/Empower Women’.

Captivating International Foundation (CIF) and Captivating Australia Limited (CAL)

Our primary anti-trafficking partners in Nepal funding:

  • 100% of total AHT program budgets
  • My Business My Freedom under our Microfinance (MBMF) programs to support the rescued survivors become self-sustained.
  • Our Radio operation to create mass awareness about trafficking and its prevention.
  • Hamro Abhiyan which is a tool for effective awareness against trafficking.

Asian Aid

Our founding partner to whom we remain always grateful and without whose sponsorship many 3AN staff would not have had such an education. Asian Aid continue assisting with some education sponsorship and community development support.

Transform the Nations

Partner with 3 Angels Nepal for child sponsorship, education and teacher training

Child Impact International (CII) – USA

A partner of 3 Angels Nepal that supports some of our children through their child sponsorship support.

Transforming Child Life (TCL) – UK

A partner of 3 Angels Nepal that supports some of our children through child their sponsorship support.

Helen Eager – founding member of Asian Aid Australia and “Mummy” to thousands of Nepali children for the last 50 years. Helen has dedicated her life to helping 3 Angels Nepal. Helen is also the 1st Honorary Life Chairman of 3 Angels Nepal

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