We want to change the way society is,
so that one day rescue will no longer be needed.

The story of 3 Angels Nepal has touched so many. Each of our team members understands the fragility of the Nepali people and are committed to their roles.

They know that hope is a right, not a privilege.

Our Nepali Team

Rajendra and Sarah Gautam  are the Founders and Directors of 3 Angels Nepal.

They are supported by a large team of well-educated and dedicated Nepali men and women, many of whom were once Asian Aid sponsor children. They are now teachers, accountants, nurses, counsellors, office staff, IT consultants and house parents for 3 Angels Nepal.

As a partner of Asian Aid, 3 Angels Nepal endeavours to adhere to and support the standards of Asian Aid’s Child Protection Policy. To read more, click here

The safety and welfare of those in our care is always our top priority at 3 Angels.

Our Australian Team

  • Helen Eager – founding member of Asian Aid Australia and “Mummy” to thousands of Nepali children for the last 50 years. Helen spends many months each year with 3 Angels Nepal.
  • Asian Aid – Partners to 3 Angels Nepal with child sponsorship, the children’s homes and anti – trafficking projects
  • 3 Angels Australia Development Ltd – Partners to 3 Angels Nepal in fighting trafficking through education
  • Captivating International Foundation – (CIF) and Captivating Australia Limited (CAL) – our primary anti-trafficking partners in Nepal (funding 70% of total program budgets).
  • Forever Friends – passionate supporters of 3 Angels for many years.