Safe Haven

Hope in a Safe Place

3 Angels have established a Women’s Safe Haven in Nepal to care for those who come to us. Very few women are able to escape their captors and so the majority of women and girls have been rescued from the sex industry and are left deeply traumatised by an ordeal that might have lasted years.

Our safe haven isn’t just open to women who have been trafficked; we also open our doors in Nepal to women escaping from abusive relationships who have nowhere else to turn.

Over 20,000 women and girls are trafficked into India from Nepal every single year and are forced to work in the growing sex industry. Those are just the ones we know about.

Once trafficked these girls are frightened and alone, surrounded by strangers who abuse them daily. They live in constant fear with no means of escape – with no hope.

3AN doesn’t just rescue; We provide hope!

Women’s Safe Haven

After a victim is rescued and needs further support 3AN keeps her in one of their transit homes until she is able to reunite with family or is referred to the Women’s Safe Haven Home (WSH). Healthcare, counselling and legal aid are provided as well as compassion and the utmost care to ease trauma and offer long term safety.

The Safe Haven Home is a safe refuge, a place of healing, of understanding and shared sisterhood. The home not only offers physical and mental health services, as well as legal aid, but also nurtures these girls during their rehabilitation. It gives opportunity for vocational training to provide income generating skills in tailoring, bakery, weaving, sandle-making, and as a beautician.

Reconnecting with family and community are, if safe, always a priority. If this is not possible or is unsafe, the 3 AN helps girl them with new lives in a new community. Interest free microfinance loans are also available to assist Safe Haven women start new lives, with an independent sustainable means of income generation which in turn makes them less likely to fall prey to traffickers.

If the victim is a minor and not able to be safely reunited with parents or family, 3AN provide love and support in a safe family environment in one of their alternate childcare family homes. These children are also educated in the 3 Angels Nepal School.

Each girl is supported to move forward with hope and empowered to a new life with a promising future.

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