The Pokhara Project

Stage 1 Construction

To meet our urgent need for a self-owned, sustainable facility that relieves our ongoing financial burden of renting poorly constructed buildings, Give Freedom International has partnered with us to build The Pokhara Project

Stage 1 construction is the first exciting step to completing this self-sustaining building development. It will provide us with fundamental operational facilities such as classrooms, a dining hall, the women’s safe haven, vulnerable children’s homes and a medical centre–everything we need for our beneficiaries to live safely and holistically thrive.

Our Urgent Need

Since we first began, 3 Angels Nepal has rented facilities to provide trafficking survivors with a home, a school, vocational training and the basics they need to heal, restore and thrive. 

As our numbers have rapidly grown, so has our desperation to find a permanent, self-sufficient home for our rescued and at-risk women and children. 

Year after year, we have faced the increasing financial burden of renting poorly constructed buildings that need repair and maintenance, especially after the monsoon season. Some are so deteriorated they are under threat of closure from the Nepali Government. 

With an ongoing global cost of living crisis, the burden is only getting worse. 

The Pokhara Project, built in partnership with Give Freedom International, provides a purpose-built, future-focused solution. 

As a sustainable building development, it will include a self-funding school, women’s safe haven, vulnerable children’s homes, a community medical centre and vocational training facilities.

And it will be built to last. A secure, self-owned facility we can call home and a powerful legacy for the Pokhara community. 

Please, help us move into our new home as soon as possible by supporting The Pokhara Project through Give Freedom International. 

We are so grateful to you.

Caring for Nepal’s Most Vulnerable

The Pokhara Project will enable us to continue supporting trafficked women and children in the following ways. 

Education – A new school campus will provide a safe space where trafficked and at-risk children will be free to learn, and gain the skills and knowledge they need to thrive. 

Sustainability – As a sustainable building development, The Pokhara Project will give us the capacity to persist, adapt and transform in the face of change, and enable future self-sufficiency.

Children – Every child deserves a place to call home. Vulnerable children’s homes will give rescued and at-risk children a place to heal and belong. 

Women – The new women’s safe haven will provide up to 40 women at a time with medical care, counselling, legal support and vocational training in a strong supportive community. 

Health – Our new medical centre will restore the health of rescued and at-risk women and children, and provide a community centre for the local community. 

ProtectionThe Pokhara Project will protect all vulnerable women and children from threats of violence and abduction.

Water and Sanitation – Clean drinking water and accessible sanitation facilities will reduce waterborne diseases in women and children.

“The Pokhara Project is what we need. It’s our dream. It will ensure our future and sustainability in our fight against human trafficking.” 

— Rajendra Gautam,
Founder and CEO of 3 Angels Nepal