Alisha cooking, learning new skills with the love of her new sisters at the Safe Haven home.

Alisha* was only four years old when her father died. Her mother met a new man who she wanted to go off with, so she gave her little daughter away to a man in the village to care for and keep her as a servant in his home. The man was originally from India and married to a Nepali woman, so they spent some time in their home at the Indian side of the border and some time on the Nepali side.

Alisha did chores such as sweeping and mopping. When she was around 8 years old, the man started to rape her. By the age of 13 she could no longer take it and during a visit to Nepal she ran away.

Another man found her along a highway. She was obviously lost, so he offered her food and help. The man cared for her, fed her and put her up in a hotel. She shared her story with him and learnt to trust him as a ’big brother’. Once he gained the little girl’s trust, he travelled with her towards the Indian border. Once they arrived, they were intercepted and questioned by 3 Angels border staff.

The staff became suspicious as to his relationship with the young girl. It soon became clear to them after questioning the girl and investigating the man’s background, that he was an Indian trafficker. He was taking Alisha to India to sell her after winning her trust.

Alisha is now 14 years old and has been in the Safe Haven home for a month. She is slowly healing through intensive counseling, along with the love of Sarah and the 3 Angels family. She now has many sisters in the Safe Haven home, developing her self esteem and learning new skills.

*Name is changed for protection of identity.