Progress is slow, but there are stories of hope.

Sustaining the work of those seeking to stop human trafficking

The critical and ongoing work of 3 Angels Nepal could not happen without a sustainable source of funding, and Rajendra and his team are constantly looking for new income streams.

At the same time, the women and girls living in the Safe Haven homes are in dire need of learning new skills and gaining valuable work experience so they may start to rebuild their lives, earn their own incomes and regain their independence in the community.

Planning is now well under way to invest in a factory where quilts can be produced for 3 Angels Nepals’ annual blanket distribution, helping the most vulnerable communities during the bitter cold Nepali winters. Now that vital equipment has arrived from across the border in India, it will not be long before this manufacturing operation starts to take shape.

3AN’s other thriving business is the Bakery. With an expanding range of products, there are also plans to set up in different locations and offer a delivery service.

Partnerships start to pay off for vulnerable communities

Rajendra continues to work hard in partnership with the Captivating International Foundation on the micro finance package to sustain trafficked, vulnerable communities, with a vision of this initiative being its own bank in the next 5 years.

Rescue girls start to rebuild their lives

Despite their harrowing and horrific experiences, the dedicated work of 3 Angels Nepal pays off when rescue girls are able to rebuild their lives and enjoy their equal rights to working and living without fear of kidnap or slavery. Some examples of recent success:

  • One rescue girl is now working as a 3AN border check, to stop girls being trafficked across the border into Indian brothels;
  • Others are working in the bakery and one is a bible worker in a prostitute community;
  • Another who was just 12 years old when she was raped by two men while out in a remote place looking after buffaloes. They tried to kill her with a sickle, leaving serious scarring on her young face.  Leaving her for dead, she was later discovered by one of the village boys, eventually recovering after being unconscious for 15 days.  She is now back in her village and attending school;
  • An older lady, having been sold to traffickers by her husband so he could marry another woman, has learnt sewing skills and now has her own machine and small shop, earning enough to support herself and her two sons.

Unfortunately, for as many success stories, there are scores of tragic tales and a constant influx of newly rescued girls to the Safe Haven homes. Just recently, girls as young as seven years old have been rescued, often found unconscious after being repeatedly raped and assaulted and with no hope to return to their villages.

3 Angels Nepal continues its work regardless, thanks to the valued support of its donors and advocates, and we will continue to share stories of hope that are testament to the progress that is being made.