• Provide victims with care tailored to their circumstances,
  • Provide skill-based training,
  • Family reunion,
  • Re-integration in the society,
  • Provide financial support through business package,
  • Refer victims to service agencies / like-minded organisation etc.

WSH clients operating office-canteen—after receiving a professional cook training.


Over 20,000 women and girls are trafficked into India from Nepal every single year and are forced to work in the growing sex industry. Those are just the ones we know about. For these women and girls, there are no parents to help them, no homes to hide in and no friends to confide in. They are frightened and alone. Just imagine being far from home, surrounded by strangers who abuse you daily; living in constant fear Our safe haven isn’t just open to women who have been trafficked; we also open our doors in Nepal to women escaping from abusive relationships who have nowhere else to turn.

FACTS IN FIGURE: 93 survivors stayed in Women Safe Haven last year.


After the victims are rescued and brought in to WSH, they are counselled on various stage— from entry to exit— by an professional psychosocial counsellor who within the reach around the clock at Women Safe Haven.. The counselor provides them necessary therapies to heal their mental health.

FACTS IN FIGURE: 256 counselling sessions were conducted during the year 2016/17.


Rescued victims who need temporary shelter before uniting them with their guardians or who do not have anywhere to go stay at transit homes of available in most of our branch offices. During the last year 477 victims of trafficking and domestic violence stayed in our transit homes.

FACTS IN FIGURE: 477 Transit Home Facilities used.


3 Angels Nepal have established 12 children’s homes where children are cared for by devoted house parents. These children have opportunities to get love and care in a homely environment. Their education and accommodation are taken care. The children who are taken in by 3 Angels are placed into family units where they are welcomed into the heart of the family.

Many children have no memory of what it is like to be part of a real family and this is when the real healing and transformation begins, as that child discovers what it’s like to be loved and accepted. The aim is to teach children, through nurture, about sharing, trusting, forming relationships and taking responsibility. All of these are vital emotional skills that they can pass onto their thus shaping the lives of future generations own families in the future.

FACTS IN FIGURE: 169 Children are residing in 3 Angels Children Homes


Under the DCSP programme 224 children are being sponsored for education from montessori level to undergraduate level. Under this programme, students from 3 Angels Children home as well as from communities have been receiving education opportunities.


3 Angels also supports meritorious children from poor families in various communities. Through coordination with private, and community schools, 3 Angels Nepal has been sponsoring many children to study in their own community without having to leave their parents. This model of educational support has been positive since children are not deprived of parental care and love.

You can read more about our Prevention & Awareness, Community Developments and more in our 2016/2017 Annual Report.