The Nepal Government inspected the 3 Angels Community Radio to see if it was up to standard to get it’s full 1000w unlimited licence to broadcast 24/7 across Nepal. As you may remember, the station ran on a trial period for 3 months and this was the final check.

Not only did it pass but the Government Officials were very impressed with the service 3 Angels is providing to the people of Nepal. They transmit information about health and anti-trafficking warnings and education to protect children and young women from exploitation. And to spread the word of God’s love for all.

They were so impressed that they are recommending that the Government provide some additional funding for the radio station… But we need your help to make sur) that it continues!

If it continues to meet required standards it will be a good possibility for it to be given news broadcasts which will further increase its funding and listening audience.

They have businesses who have decided to advertise with the 3 Angels Community radio which also helps fund the station. Their goal to eventually be self sufficient is a real possibility.

None of this would have been attainable without the generous support of the Newcastle Community…..thank you so very much for your support by donating to get this essential radio service off the ground.