For many months now 3 Angels Nepal (3AN) have been fighting for the return of 21 trafficked Nepali women found in India. Through contacts with Maiti India, (partner of 3 Angels Nepal in India), 3 AN have been given the identities of these 21 Nepali women and 2 are mothers of 2 of the rescued children in the care of 3AN. They have been searching for family members to safely reunite the children with those they love. These children wait expectantly worried about their mothers and what has happened to them.

The rescue is now down to negotiations between the Nepali government and the Indian government. The women are no longer in the brothels but are being kept in a safe home under government supervision. Nepal is putting on pressure for a quick resolution, but India is going slow. Women’s and children’s rights should be higher on the agenda. If we want to call ourselves civilised, we must look after our most vulnerable better! 3 Angels Nepal have a team in Kathmandu now advocating for a speedy release and faster government intervention.

We hope and pray we will celebrate this International Women’s Day with the knowledge that 21 more women are free from sex slavery. It will mean more to 2 young children that anyone imagines ….to the Indian government we plead.. send their mums home.

These 21 young women will be given care, counselling and rehabilitation in the 3 Angels Safe Haven home until they can be safely reunited with their families in their community of origin. They will be given whatever support is needed to help them become independent and able to care for themselves and their children.

We can be part of educating to stop human trafficking this International Women’s Day by donating to 3 Angels Australia who send 100% to their partner to 3 Angels Nepal who make a real difference!