An update from Helen Eager:

On Wednesday I travelled to Beni Prison which is around four hours drive from Pokhara. It was a beautiful day and the mountains clear and really spectacular.

We took blankets for the prisoners and a Christmas gift for our small boy who is in there with his mother. This is the mother and brother of Yuvraj who is our boy that fell from the first floor balcony on his head onto concrete. It was touch and go for a few days. Now he is fine mentally but still unsteady when he runs and finds it difficult to hold a pen or pencil. His mother was so happy to see us, it is sad for her that now she is far away we cannot take Yuvraj to see her.

The main jailer was very helpful and allowed us to go inside the prison and give the blankets and also to take photos. It is a cold place and the prisoners were so very grateful to receive the blankets.