Written by Peter Sandy, Asian Aid Ambassador and “Father” of Rajendra.

Asian Aid Ambassadors meet their Children at 3 Angels Nepal.

Pokhara, Nepal was the final destination for a group of Asian Aid Ambassadors who were on a tour of Asian Aid Australia’s projects and schools in India and Nepal. The trip allowed the Ambassadors to learn more about the work of Asian Aid and its partner organisations they voluntarily promote in their home areas of Australia.

The 3 Angels Nepal (3AN) visit in Pokhara was a completely different highlight for me to the rest of the trip as it was a home coming; this is where my sponsored children live and I had visited here in 2011. I was amazed at the progress that has been made by 3 AN in the two and a half years since I was last here. I still remember the feeling of meeting my sponsored children for the first time and meeting them again was always going to be a big part of the trip. Some of the other Ambassadors were also able to meet their sponsored children for the first time and it is a special time for both sponsor and child to be able see and talk to each other after long periods of only letters.

The Ambassadors were given presentations by the 3AN staff on the progress of the Women’s Saf) Haven, 3 Angels International Mission School (3AIMS) and 3 Angels Community Radio as well as updates on the 13 children’s homes and 170 plus children that are living with their house parents. We were also treated to a cultural program by the children of the school and the Saf) Haven girls while on a visit to 3AIMS. Another highlight, as with any Nepali function, is the plentiful amounts of delicious foods.

The Asian Aid Ambassadors want to thank 3 Angels Nepal for the hospitality they showed us and for the willingness to show their operations in Pokhara. For me it was fantastic to be able see the 3 Angels Community Radio in operation as this has been a personal project that I have supported for nearly 10 years. Thank you to all the staff who gave freely of their time to talk with us during our visit.

Peter Sandy | The Asian Aid Ambassador