Nepal celebrates new democratic constitution. (Photo courtesy of

On September 20, Nepal adopted its first democratic constitution, a document that defines the majority Hindu nation as a secular republic. This was a historical move for a nation that has experienced much unrest and devastation throughout its 65-year journey of becoming a modern state.

Despite India’s desire to see the first draft of the constitution re-instating Nepal as a Hindu state, the Maoists as the largest party then did not step back from the secular state. The second election was held in 2013 and saw many people – including children – killed, and caused the Indian Home Minister to report his concern for the security of the 10 million Indians living in Nepal. Unfortunately, the conflict led to many Nepalis having anti-Indian sentiments, as they were unsure how genuine India’s support for Nepal was.


Finally this week, the constitution was declared a secular state with seven autonomous federal states and 75 districts. Despite expressed dissatisfaction from India about the newly declared constitution, many countries have communicated their congratulations to Nepal for the new constitution. The newly formed states will have some restrictions as a result of the states combining their governance policies. However, this is an answer to our prayers, as a secular state will mean a speedy movement of 3 Angel Nepal’s work, and the gospel work. We now need to pray for the closure of the Indian border for wider justice to the Nepali people.