Laaranya came from a very remote village. At the age of 12 she was married to a 21 year old Nepali man. Although it is illegal, underaged marriages still happen in poor and uneducated villages in Nepal.
Laaranya was only 15 years old when she had her first baby. By 18, she was the mother of one girl and two boys.

Her husband often travelled to India for work. During those trips he went to visit a brothel to use prostitutes. Before long, he contracted HIV and passed it on to Laaranya. The husband began to beat her and threatened to sell her to a brothel in India when she could not do as he wished since she had become unwell and fragile from the HIV.

3 Angels field workers were visiting the homes in this area and checking on the women when they met Laaranya and became aware of her story. After discovering the abuse and threats of her husband, Laaranya was immediately rescued and taken to a Safe Haven home by the 3 Angels staff. She received medicine for the HIV and care to build her physical and emotional strength back. After 9 months she felt strong again and wanted to return to her children and mother who was caring for them. The medicines were keeping her well and Laaranya was keen to work to help fight human trafficking.

Laaranya is now a strong advocate for the 3 Angels and fights human trafficking by working at one of the border stations near where she lives. Her children are going to school and she is supporting them and her mother. The whereabouts of her husband is unknown, but Laaranya is now safe from his abuse. Although she remains HIV positive, she is today well and happy.