3 Angel’s Safe Haven Home maintains high standards and quality care.
On 22nd June 2015, under the direction of the Social Welfare Council and Women’s and Children’s Ministry of the government of Nepal, a monitoring and evaluating team assessed 3 Angels Nepal Women’s Safe Haven.
Thorough assessments and monitoring were conducted at the 3 Angels Nepal Women’s Safe Haven including a full day of not just checking documentation and procedures but also interviews with the beneficiaries, 3AN board members and Manager Mrs Sarah Gautam.
On 1st Sept 2015 the result was given to 3 AN.
Like the 3 Angels Children’s Homes, The Women’s Safe Haven received Grade “A” in it’s management, service provided, protection and safety measures applied and implemented and also for the high standards maintained with quality care.
Minor recommendations were made and are being implemented, which 3AN embraces as it continues to aim towards best practice and continuous improvements.
In conclusion the evaluation stated…..”3AN deserves a salute for such wonderful work with such a high level of accountability and transparency maintained at all work places.”
Rajendra, Sarah and all the 3AN team wish to thank our many wonderful sponsors and donors who make this possible.
Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support.