The work of 3 Angels continues, this time in support of earthquake relief

Dear All, By God’s grace all is well still. Benjamin was very sick till this afternoon, we took him to the hospital and got him some medicines, he seems getting better now so thank you all so much for your prayers and support. 

We have a range of Rescue and Relief activities planned after we have heard about the donations and  thank Asian Aid for their approval of getting the relief work taking off straight away. 

The team have been formed to carry out different activities and we will keep updating you all on the progress as it takes place from this evening. 

At first the team is heading off to Gorkha tomorrow morning, then to Lamjung, Makwanpur and Kathmandu. 

Thank you again for all your prayers and generous support. I know the need will be very high, the government has hardly been seen anywhere so far to respond.

Many dead bodies have started smelling, the search has not been easy at all due to crumbling buildings everywhere leaving no access for transportation.

Many villages have been left with hardly any buildings standing. It is a massive destruction. Your prayers and support to us is very much appreciated and we are grateful to you. 

Thanking you sincerely

Rajendra and Sarah