Another milestone, 4 Women Safe Haven girls graduated from their tailoring training on the 10th of September 2014.

One could not measure their happiness for their successful completion of their second phase of the training. Normally, the primary training takes 3 months. The interested these four were given a second phase of the tailoring training apart from their other training on house holds, bakery, fishery, candle making and language.

Two of them have left for their community of their origin with an initial resource package to start up their own business where as other two have been successful to be observed as a staff in 3AN. One will be working as a community worker assisting to our staff in Kanchanpur District and the other one has been appointed as one of the caretakers in one of our children homes.

They could not stop crying as they felt so grateful to 3 Angels Nepal for the love, care, protection and respect that 3 Angels Nepal gave to them during their 7 months of stay in 3 Angels Nepal Women Safe Haven. They left in the afternoon with a big thanks and gratitude to 3 Angels Nepal an implementing partner of Asian Aid Australia who funds the project WSH Women Safe Haven as part of 3AHT 3 Angels Anti-Human Trafficking.

“Thank you 3 Angels and Asian Aid for changing our lives and providing us a new hope to live”…….said the graduates.