Sangita, 23, (name changed) began working at the age of twelve to earn her living. Her story is as horrific as you can imagine. Get ready to shed some tears, if not, hold it within, if you can.

I was the only child of my mother and her second-husband. Mom, my father, and I were living happily until the eldest sister from my stepfather came and requested to stay with us. As days passed, the quarrel began, there was no peace in our home, often everyday. I had to quit my study and resort to work as a domestic worker when I was just twelve. I had to do dishes and wash clothes.

My mother sent me to Kathmandu to work so that I could earn more. The work was same, only the city and people were different. After I worked there for few months, the house owner sent me back home saying that I was too young to work for them. I found out that my dad had passed away and my mum went back to live with my stepfather, when I arrived home. I had no place to go. I was alone. Fortunately, one of the elder sisters of my mother allowed me to stay with her for some time. After my mum came to know that I was staying with her sister, she came to take me along with her. Sadly, I became the reasons for everyday quarrel to my two stepbrothers and stepsisters. They did not like me staying with them. My stepsisters started beating me and torturing me. They wanted me out of their home. They forcefully married me to a man whom I never knew about. One day when I came to meet my mother for the first time, after my marriage, my step brother raped me. Later I knew I was pregnant. This event changed my life completely only for worse. I told that I was raped by my brother to my mother and people in the society. Nobody believed me.

However, they blamed me and began to humiliate me instead. I was hopelessly helpless. The darkness surrounded me. Yet stormy clouds were yet to come. went to my husband and shared my stories. Like my mother, my husband kicked me out of home. As people say, the circle has no beginning and ending point. It continues, just like the trouble in me continued without any full stop.

Seeing my helplessness and the torture I was going through, some of my friends in the village sent me to Pokhara. I was told that I would get a job in a clothing store. However, I was offered a job as a waitress in a restaurant in Ratnachowk. I worked there for three months. I was asked to sell my body to some of their customers, but I used to refuse so they could not insist further.

The restaurant was sold to another lady. The previous owner asked me to continue to work there with the new owner. Now the owner is female, she would understand my problem, I thought. She changed the name of the restaurant and forced me to serve as a prostitute. After one month as the baby inside me was growing bigger, she forcefully medicated me and took me to a hospital and aborted the baby growing inside of me. After the abortion, I had a very difficult time physically. It did not stop. I was again forced to serve her customer with my body for more than six years. She bought a new restaurant in a new place in Pokhara and took me there to continue the same work. I had to satisfy the libido of fifteen to twenty men per day. The owner used to take all the money. She used to offer night-package for her customer. The customer used to pay Rs.5000.00 (USD 50) per night. It was a good business for her.

“Two people along with her poured a packet of salt and chilly powder inside my vagina.”

But I was unpaid. One day I refused to obey her. I said I am tired of all these and I did not want to live anymore. She became furious, then. Two people along with her poured a packet of salt and chilly powder inside my vagina. The pain was unbearable! Then, I began to question. Why did GOD allow me to born? I should have died even before I was born. Again thoughts came to me that it was better that I was aborted. At least the cycle that began with my mother would stop with me. I did not want the cycle to continue after me.

I could not tolerate anymore, I somehow managed to escape from the hell I was living in. I went to my mother, stayed with her for few days. I needed to work for my survival. They would not allow me to stay with them forever. Then, I thought of going to Beni to work along with one of my friend. On the way, in Pokhara, she took all my belongings and left me alone. I had nothing left, even my clothes, except that I was wearing. I was rescued when Children and Welfare Department, Kaski informed about my situation to 3 Angels Nepal Pokhara.