An Aussie couple who decided to sell their much loved immaculate, old sports car decided to do something very special with the proceeds from the sale of this beautiful little car. Although, not wealthy, this couple wanted to really make a difference to others in need. These funds would no doubt have made their retirement easier but this mattered to them.

They had seen 3AN’s documentary ‘Latitude’ screened in Sydney last year and contacted us as to our needs. We were in great need of a rescue vehicle for trafficked girls and to have a 4WD that 3AN staff could use to access remote regions was top of our list. It would allow us to go anywhere to rescue girls and importantly it gave easy access for our staff to the more remote villages to run education programs to protect families from falling prey to traffickers. This vehicle has also allowed easier follow up of rescued girls now back living with  family in these remote villages.

With the help of Asian Aid and this generous couple we are making very good use of this vehicle. It is clearly marked and well known. People feel safe to approach our staff and recognise this vehicle and the staff as trustworthy to get help when and where it’s needed.

3 Angels says thank you from the bottom of our hearts!