How 2 Aussie students in Queensland helped save a 15year old girl in Nepal

Back in February/March this year 2 Aussie young ladies, Emma and Bonnie, who are students from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland decided to act on their passion to fight human trafficking.

They hosted a fundraising event called Dress4aVoice where they each wore one dress for an entire month and got people to sponsor them. They used social media to increase sponsorship and raise awareness of human trafficking and fundraised about AU$2000 for 3 AN.

These funds went to purchase much needed Walkie Talkies used by police and United Nations in Nepal and by those with security approval which 3 AN had been granted. The need for this was great as Nepal has frequent interruptions to internet, phone and mobile services which can make contacting police in an emergency quite difficult.

A few months ago a 15year old girl who had been drugged and taken by traffickers was rescued by 3 AN staff and, after checking her parent’s situation, police recommended she be taken to the 3AN Safe haven Home. However, as 3AN staff were bringing her there, and stopped for dinner, a group of 7 men attacked them beating the staff and stealing back the girl.

Police were quickly contacted using the Walkie Talkies funded by Emma and Bonnie’s fundraiser Dress4aVoice and before morning these traffickers were arrested and will now face trial.

The 15yr old girl is now safe with other relatives and followed up by 3 AN staff.

The traffickers were stopped and a young girl’s life saved because 2 students cared enough to make a difference from across the other side of the world. Bonnie and Emma’s fun, imaginative fundraiser not only allowed 3AN staff to alert police quicker, thus catching the traffickers, but saved this young girl and possibly many more from falling prey to these traffickers.

Many young people ask to volunteer at 3 Angels Nepal Safe Haven Home in their holidays but 3AN do not accept volunteers. The privacy, protection and rehabilitation of these vulnerable girls is best served by not having volunteers. Volunteers although very well meaning and kind hearted add another level of difficulty and supervision that takes the focus away from the best interests of the girls.

However, your efforts to fundraise, wherever you live, can and do make a difference and really help these girls in Nepal.

THANK YOU to all who donated to Dress4aVoice and to 3Angels Nepal.

We hope Bonnie and Emma inspire many more young people to fundraise too.