Behind every picture you see, there is a story and this picture is no different:

The big boy(Ashok) and his sister who is missing from the photo – their father died and their mother abandoned them. They lived with a grandmother but her house and she were both burned a few weeks back and the children are now with us.

The little one on the knee of the big boy is from the far west prison. Her name is Arati, her parents are both in prison for twelve years. She is 2 years old.

The next boy is Laxman, his father is in prison for lif) and his mother is an illiterate girl who cannot care for him

The next two children, the girl in red and the boy in blue check, are brother and sister, their father is dead from AIDS and their mother is dying of AIDS. Their names are Sugam and Samiksha.

The little girl in the yellow T shirt is Ankita, she is from the Far West Prison. Her mother has a ten year sentence and her father is dead.

Next to Ankita is Jeewani, she is from the far west prison also, and is two years old, a sad little girl, her father is dead and her mother is in prison for twenty years.

Far right is Jessika, her father is dead and her mother dying of AIDS.

This is the kind of world that 3 Angels Nepal are trying to change. This is not an existence for a child. In Nepal a lot of men leave their families and go to the Middle East to try and get better jobs and more money, often they get AIDS and then come home and give it to their wives and they both die.

But we give hope.