I am Asha, the program presenter of Nepali Daughter Program at 3 Angels Community Radio(3ACR). I have been working in this station for four years now. Earlier this year, I had the chance to visit New Delhi.

I have prepared many episodes regarding the issue of human trafficking since I joined 3ACR, but this visit to New Delhi impacted me deeply. I saw lots of innocent Nepali teenage girls and women who were trafficked and betrayed by pimps. With the things I saw, I could not hold back my tears

From my experiences here in Nepal, girls and women are trafficked because of unemployment and low financial income. Another primary cause is the lack of education for most of the girls and women in the rural areas of Nepal, making them prone to traffickers’ traps.

Through the Nepali Daughter radio program, I am determined to provide as much knowledge as I can regarding travelling to other countries. I am committed to sharing information about human trafficking and its ways of luring. My vow is that my voice will not stop speaking against human trafficking