3 Angels celebrates a day where children are honoured
Children’s Day is celebrated on various days in many places around the world to honor children globally.
In Nepal it is September 15th and is observed to promote the welfare of children and ensure their human rights are always protected.
It is a day not simply to celebrate children for who they are but to bring awareness to children around the globe who have been subjected to violence in the form of abuse,  exploitation and discrimination.
This day helps us remember that children are the future of the nation and the world.  Each one is indeed precious.
The staff , teachers and 3AN family want all the children at the 3 Angels International Mission School to have love, laughter, freedom and cherished memories from their childhood and school years.
The students celebrated with a day of fun, dance, drama, singing as well as receiving gifts and sweets.
Earlier that day some of the children had joined with children from the SOS Children’s Village for a Quiz Contest. 3 Students from the 3 Angels School  won first place. Congratulations to Puskar, Yogesh and Deepah. Very well Done! Keep up the good work 3 Angels students.