The school I went was far from my home. I had to tread on the road even before sun rises. I would be walking alone every morning, and there is forest with wild animals on the both side of the road. When I was in grade seven, walking to my school as usual, one boy started following me. I scolded him often for following me and waiting for me on the way to school.

He continued to wait for me on the way for more than a year. I had to scold him everyday for troubling me. When I was in eighth grade, some village women knew that he used to wait for me on the way to school and trouble me. They then complained about it to my father.

My father was enraged so he beat him publicly. This made the boy furious. The next day, as I was walking to my school, on the same place, he was waiting for me to come. He forcefully grabbed and raped me in the jungle. I shouted, yelled, and cried for help. No one was reached to help. I do not know how this event spread as a wildfire in my village.

“He forcefully grabbed and raped me in the jungle.”

My parents had no better option. It was a matter of prestige for my family. No one would marry their daughter who has been raped. Therefore, the villagers and my parents agreed to marry me with the guy who raped me ruthlessly. The boy married with me, but his family refused to accept me.

Just after three days of our marriage, my husband went to India and never contacted me again for two years. During those troublesome years, everyday I was tortured by my mother in-law. She used to beat me saying, ‘Go find my son and bring him back.’ She asked to me go away from her home. I tolerated her for two years hoping that my husband would come someday. But, he did not. I could not tolerate anymore. I was threatened for life. Then, I eloped with a guy who was from my hometown.

Promising me to take Dhangadi, he took me somewhere else. I refused to stay there. I felt I was at risk and ran away to Attariya. There some women noticed I was hopelessly roaming around. One woman who met me informed about my situation to 3 Angels Nepal, Dhangadi branch. 3 Angels staff inquired me in detail called my parents and I was taken home.

“In their anger they beat me as hardly as they could. Again, I ran away from my home too.”

They did not like me running away from my first husband home and were furious at me. In their anger they beat me as hardly as they could. Again, I ran away from my home too. I met another man who asked me to marry him. I was helpless and hopeless too. I needed a shelter and food to live. He offered me all I needed. So I agreed to go with him.

As we were crossing India-Nepal border from Dhangadi, 3 Angels Nepal staff inquired us. He told that I was his wife. But could not provide our marriage certificate which 3 Angels demanded. Then, they were more suspicious as they inquired us more.

They called both of our parents. Later I knew he had a wife at his home as well. She took him with her. I was alone now. Even my parents would not accept me. I had no place to go. I am receiving a skill-based training in Pokhara says, Kanchi Maya, 18 (name changed).