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Since the 1st of February 2017, 3 Angels Australia has been granted full PBI and DGR status which means they can issue tax deductible receipts for all Australian donations.

Through education at every level of the community, one day rescue will no longer be needed.

3 Angels Australia is a Not For Profit organisation fundraising to help 3 Angels Nepal in their work helping ‘at risk’ and trafficked children and young women.

3 Angels Australia’s founders and directors are Robyn and Steve Raymond who work together with a board of passionate Nepali and Australian people helping 3 Angels Nepal fight human trafficking through education at every level. Robyn and Steve have been involved with 3 Angels Nepal since 2011, sharing the challenges and need for support with the local Newcastle community.

This resulted in the Charlestown SDA church raising funds to purchase a Safe Haven home for rehabilitation of rescued, at-risk and trafficked young women. Since then they have visited at least twice each year to review 3 AN’s needs and projects. After one such visit Novocastrian businesswoman Belinda Bow felt that this was something the local Newcastle community would like to have the opportunity to support thus she organised information nights and ‘Newcastle Supports 3 Angels’ was formed. This group of people raised funds to purchase land for a Safe Haven training centre and new equipment for the 3 Angels radio.

3 Angels Australia’s local activism and fundraising have been covered in local media:
The Horrors of Human TraffickingHuman Trafficking Horror

Rescue and rehabilitation are indeed important but our emphasis is on prevention. Prevention through education is our priority as it is seen as the long-term solution to ending human trafficking. 3 Angels educate via their radio, their school and at all levels in the community. Only through education and awareness do they envisage an end to human trafficking.

Every donation to 3 Angels Australia via the 3 Angels website goes to 3 Angels Nepal. Since the 1st of February 2017, 3 Angels Australia has been granted full PBI and DGR status which means they can issue tax deductible receipts for all Australian donations.

3 Angels Australia sends 100% of donations via this website to 3 Angels Nepal for 3 Angels Nepal projects.

Whilst 3 Angels Australia does not itself conduct any activities in Nepal, we do observe and abide by Child Protection Policies. For more information, and to view the policy, please click here.

Our details for correspondence are:
3 Angels Australia (Development) Ltd. ABN 169 717 355. PO Box 33, Lambton NSW 2299, Australia. Email: info@3angelsnepal.com

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Our Initiatives

Human Trafficking

 We work closely with authorities to stop human traffickers before they cross the boarder. 

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Children's Homes

We create homes with parental love and guidance to vulnerable and traumatised children.

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Safe Haven

Safe Haven helps to rehabilitate and restore the lives of trafficked victims for a chance at a better future.

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Prison Outreach

We take care of the children of women in prison, and offer basic supplies, support, and education so they have a chance at a future outside the prison walls.

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Radio Outreach

 Our Radio Outreach Program targets rural communities to warn and educate them of child trafficking.

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3 Angels School

Our aim is to ensure the poorest children in Nepal have access to education. Through self-supporting schools we can give these children hope for a better future.

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