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3 angels nepal

Moving forward – and how you can help

Following the severe earthquake of magnitude 7.8 that hit the Kathmandu Valley in April 2015, people are still literally displaced, with no way to live in their communities and villages. 

Despite the resilience and determination of the Nepali people to move forward and rebuild their communities, the border between India and Nepal is once again “open” and human trafficking is thriving. This means Nepali women and children can be freely trafficked into India without documentation, identification or passports. Every 26.28 minutes, a woman or young child is trafficked for an average price of less than $110 AUD. Those aged 12-19 years are most at risk and once trafficked they are lost forever, trapped in brothels, repeatedly sold and abused or their body parts auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Young people are being trafficked from Nepal into India in higher numbers than ever seen before.  At many border crossings, where previously between 3 and 8 trafficked girls would be rescued daily, that number has increased to between 12 and 15. This is at EACH border crossing.  The 3 Angels team continues to work tirelessly to fight human trafficking at a time when young Nepali women and their communities are at their most vulnerable.

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What if you were born in a different place?

How different our lives and those of our children could be if we had been born on another latitude. We could be sold into sex slavery or trafficked for our body parts. This happens to millions world wide each year and one of the worst places in the world today for human trafficking is Nepal. The situation has increased since the 2015 earthquake which made even more young people vulnerable to the tricks of the traffickers. Find out how you can help change things.  

Every donation, big and small, helps us fight Human Trafficking at all levels….. not just with  rescue and rehabilitation for the victims but  with prevention of Human trafficking.

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

Each year, around 20,000 girls are smuggled from Nepal into India, where they are forced to work in the sex industry. We work closely with authorities to stop human traffickers before they cross into India from where it is almost impossible to retrieve the girls.


Children’s Homes

Orphanages in Nepal are struggling to cope with the rising number of orphaned and unwanted children. Our aim is to provide more than a place to stay. We create homes with parental love and guidance to vulnerable and traumatised children.


Safe Haven

Traffickers selling girls and women to the sex trade in India target Nepali communities. Safe Haven helps to rehabilitate and restore their lives for a chance at a better future.


Prison Outreach

When a mother is jailed, her children are often jailed with her. They spend their childhood behind bars. We can take care of their children and offer basic supplies, support and education so they have a chance at a future outside the prison walls.


Radio Outreach

Our aim is to stop human trafficking altogether and give every child in Nepal an education and a right to a future. Our Radio Outreach Program targets rural communities to warn them of child traffickers whilst our schools educate the very poorest of Nepalese children.


Mission School

Many of the poorest children in Nepal have no access to education. Our aim is to change that by building self-supporting schools that give the gift of education to those who need it the most. And by providing education, we can give these children hope for a better future.